Christian Eggeling

Professor of Molecular Immunology
Prof. Christian Eggeling

The main research interests of my laboratory are focused on the application and development of ultra-sensitive, live-cell fluorescence microscopy techniques with a spatial resolution down to the molecular level. Such super-resolution microscopy or nanoscopy breaks the diffraction limit that constrains conventional optical microscopes. These super-resolution microscopes will be used to unravel nanoscopic changes at the molecular level in living cells following cellular immune responses. We are planning to visualize previously un-detectable molecular interactions (such as protein-protein and protein-lipid interactions), which will shed new light on different molecular pathways triggered at the cell surface and intracellularly during antigen presentation by dendritic cells and T cell activation.

On the other hand I am director of the Wolfson Imaging Centre Oxford at the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine, which besides of state-of-the-art microscopy (two-photon, spinning disc, confocal (FLIM/FCS), wide-field, TIRF) offers access to super-resolution microscopes (STED, PALM/STORM, and single-molecule tracking).

Please see my research pages or send me an email for further information.

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