Ilan Davis

Professor of Cell Biology
Prof. Ilan Davis

My interests in photonics lie in advanced light microscopy techniques, as a route to the study biomolecules ideally within the context of living cells. I am the lead investigator of the Micron imaging centre based in Biochemistry, which is a collaborative, multidisciplinary bioimaging unit working with biomedical researchers in the Oxford area and beyond to apply advanced cellular imaging techniques to address key questions in biology. We are focusing on the development and use of single molecule methods, light sheet and super-resolution microscopy.

The advances we make in microscopy are put to good use in my research, which focuses on the mechanism of mRNA transport and localised translation in Drosophila. We are elucidating the cis-acting RNA signals and transacting factors that dictate the intracellular destination of mRNA and its localised translation in oocytes and neuromuscular junctions. 

To find out more about my research please visit my group pages, or the see the Micron Oxford site for more information on our imaging techniques. For specific questions please feel free to get in touch by email.

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