Paul Ewart

Professor of Physics
Prof. Paul Ewart

Our research group has a strong background in the application of laser-based diagnostic techniques to the measurement of species in challenging environments, particularly within combustor systems.

Stephen Fletcher

Associate Professor
Dr. Stephen Fletcher

My research is in the area of synthetic organic chemistry.  About half of my group works on projects related to photonics: We are making synthetic retinal derivatives, this work aims to determine what molecular prerequisites are essentia

Kay Grunewald

Professor of Structural Cell Biology
Prof. Kay Grunewald

My research focuses on understanding the interactions of supramolecular complexes that form the structural elements of cells and carry out essentially all functions and processes within living cells.

Laura Herz

Professor of Physics
Professor Laura Herz

My research is focused on investigating nanostructured molecular and inorganic semiconducting materials, with applications in artific

Felix Hofmann

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

I’m interested in the effect of defects on material properties, ranging from single atom defects, such as vacancies and interstitials, to extended defects, such as dislocations, to macroscopic defects, for example cracks and voids.

Wei Huang

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Wei Huang

My research interests include: (1) Synthetic biology (SimCells, biosensors, bioenergy); (2) Single cell Raman biotechnology (Raman activated cell sorti