Fluorescence imaging


Associate Professor
Prof. Mark Howarth

My research involves bionanotechnology and its application to cancer. Some of our photonics related research includes the development  of new ways to target quantum dots (QDots) and conjugated polymer dots (Pdots), ultra-bright nanoparticles, to study cell surface receptors.

Associate Professor of Physics
Dr. Richard Berry

My research is focused on rotary molecular motors, in particular the Bacterial Flagellar Motor, which is a rotary molecular engine powered by the flow of ions across the inner, or  cytoplasmic, membrane of a bacterial cell envelope.

Professor of Structural Cell Biology
Prof. Kay Grunewald

My research focuses on understanding the interactions of supramolecular complexes that form the structural elements of cells and carry out essentially all functions and processes within living cells.

Principal Investigator
Dr. Sergi Padilla-Parra

 My laboratory is focused on the development of fluorescence imaging approaches capable of showing the spatial and temporal regulation of protein-protein interactions and/or enzymatic activity inside living cells and animals.

Professor in Chemistry and University Reader
Prof. Jason Davis

My research interests include molecular electronics, nano-scale chemistry and sensory interfaces.

Professor of Cell Biology
Prof. Ilan Davis

My interests in photonics lie in advanced light microscopy techniques, as a route to the study biomolecules ideally within the context of living cells.

Professor of Molecular Immunology
Prof. Christian Eggeling

The main research interests of my laboratory are focused on the application and development of ultra-sensitive, live-cell fluorescence microscopy techniques with a spatial resolution down to the molecular level.

Associate Professor
Prof. Shankar Srinivas

Photonics is one of the tools that helps me to study embryogenesis, by imaging cell movements and fate during early mouse development.

CR-UK Senior Group Leader
Prof. Boris Vojnovic

The optical research of the group has the aim of enabling our collaborators to perform effective research by offering advanced microscopy techniques in a form that can be used routinely.

Facility manager

I am the facility manager of the Wolfson Imaging Centre, based in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. We specialise in methods of fluorescence imaging, including single molecule and super-resolution (STED, STORM/PALM).