Steve Collins

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Prof. Steve Collins

My research interests lie in the design of novel light sensing systems, ranging from individual single photon detectors to wide dynamic range cameras.

My longest standing interest in this area is the development of wide dynamic range cameras. Within this area my group has designed, built and tested imaging sensors based upon three different types of wide dynamic range pixel. We have also developed algorithms to correct the fixed pattern noise that inevitable occurs in imaging sensors and algorithms to process the outputs from these cameras, in particular a robust method for extracting chromaticity information from scenes illuminated by daylight.

More recently my interests have broadened to include the development of single photon avalanche detectors (SPADs), which are capable of detecting individual photons that arrive within a short time interval. In this area we have developed an array of SPADs that could form the basis of a highly integrated optical reciever which can replace the existing APD based recievers.

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