Chris Stevens

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Dr. Chris Stevens

My research area is Ultrafast Electronics which is a rapidly developing field in which we explore the ultimate speed limits of electronics. In order to evaluate the performance of ultrafast electronic systems we have to develop new methods for analysing electromagnetic signals. Much of the work in the group to date has centred on the development of new techniques with which to investigate circuit performance at >100GHz speeds where conventional circuit analysis techniques are impossible to implement.

We are also actively engaged in the development of metamaterial devices for a variety of high frequency applications including NMR microscopy, Ultra High Q RF filters and Ground penetrating Radar. We are currently developing methods to design metamaterial devices to break the Abbe limit and utilize the interactions between microwave signals and living tissue to perform medical imaging. Another important research area is the development of magnetic metamaterials for contactless data transfer and for power distribution. These two capabilites will enable a host of applications and technologies including wireless power for electronic devices and systems and the replacement of backplanes and wired connections between integrated circuits themselves.

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