Dirk Aarts

Professor of Chemistry
Dr. Dirk Aarts

We are working in soft condensed matter with a focus on the phase, interface and flow behaviour of colloidal particles.

Richard Berry

Associate Professor of Physics
Dr. Richard Berry

My research is focused on rotary molecular motors, in particular the Bacterial Flagellar Motor, which is a rotary molecular engine powered by the flow of ions across the inner, or  cytoplasmic, membrane of a bacterial cell envelope.

Martin Booth

Professor of Engineering Science
Prof. Martin Booth

My research interests lie in the theory and practice of dynamic optics, particularly the use of adaptive optical elements in high resolution microscopy and ultrafast laser fabrication.

Donal Bradley CBE FRS

Professor of Physics and Engineering Science, Head of MPLS Division
Prof Donal Bradley

Professor Bradley’s research interests focus on plastic electronics – encompassing fundamental studies on low-temperature/solution processed semiconductor materials and their application in a range of fields including energy efficient displays, lighting and solar panels.

Steve Collins

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Prof. Steve Collins

My research interests lie in the design of novel light sensing systems, ranging from individual single photon detectors to wide dynamic range cameras.