Dominic O'Brien

Professor of Engineering Science
Prof. Dominic O'Brien

My interests lie in the field of optical communications. Through advances in visible light communications, we aim to gain improvements in the bandwidth and/or efficiency of a data network. 

The potential for indoor free space optical communications stems from the increased uptake of solid state lighting for general illumination, due to its reliability and the potential for highly efficient sources.  Compared with other sources of illumination these devices can be modulated at high data rates, offering the opportunity for communications as well as illumination from these sources. We are also investigating the benefits of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems in free space optical systems, as well as the uses of optically powered 'smart dust'. 
In general, I am interested in all areas of optical communications, for more information on my specific research projects please see my website or get in touch by sending me an email.
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