Gavin Dalton

Professor of Astrophysics
Prof. Gavin Dalton

I am working on wide‐field imaging and fibre‐fed spectroscopy instrumentation in visible and near‐infrared astronomy, both in instrument construction and science exploitation.

Ilan Davis

Professor of Cell Biology
Prof. Ilan Davis

My interests in photonics lie in advanced light microscopy techniques, as a route to the study biomolecules ideally within the context of living cells.

Christian Eggeling

Professor of Molecular Immunology
Prof. Christian Eggeling

The main research interests of my laboratory are focused on the application and development of ultra-sensitive, live-cell fluorescence microscopy techniques with a spatial resolution down to the molecular level.

Steve Elston

Professor of Engineering Science
Steve Elston

My present research interests are mainly in the field of novel liquid crystal materials and applications, within which I undertake both theoretical and experimental work.

Nigel Emptage

Professor of Pharmacology
Prof Nigel Emptage

Our research in neuroscience is supported by the development of novel optical imaging tools, particularly through high resolution microscopy.

Paul Ewart

Professor of Physics
Prof. Paul Ewart

Our research group has a strong background in the application of laser-based diagnostic techniques to the measurement of species in challenging environments, particularly within combustor systems.