Yvonne Jones

Professor of Protein Crystallography
Prof. Yvonne Jones

Yvonne Jones is director of the Cancer Research UK Receptor Structure Research Group which is primarily focused on the structural biology of cell surface recognition and signalling complexes.

Michael Kohl

Early Career Research Fellow
Dr Michael Kohl

Our group uses high-resolution optical microscopy to unravel the coding strategies employed in sensory representation and memory storage.

Axel Kuhn

Associate Professor and Reader in Physics
Prof. Axel Kuhn

I run the Atom-Photon Connection group, working on quantum optics and control, applied in particular to light-matter interactions at the single-quantum level.

Philipp Kukura

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Prof. Philipp Kukura

My research is concerned with the development and application of spectroscopic and imaging tools designed to visualise, study and eventually control dynamic processes in chemistry and biology.

Christoffer Lagerholm

Facility manager

I am the facility manager of the Wolfson Imaging Centre, based in the Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine. We specialise in methods of fluorescence imaging, including single molecule and super-resolution (STED, STORM/PALM).

Dominic O'Brien

Professor of Engineering Science
Prof. Dominic O'Brien

My interests lie in the field of optical communications. Through advances in visible light communications, we aim to gain improvements in the bandwidth and/or efficiency of a data network.