Ron Roy

Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Professor Ronald Roy

My research focuses on the application of physical acoustics principles to problems in biomedical acoustics, industrial ultrasonics, acoustical oceanography, and biomedical imaging and therapy at the intersection of light and sound. 

Steve Sheard

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Dr. Steve Sheard

My research interests are in the general area of optoelectronics, including integrated circuit based surface emitting laser devices, optically controlled smart tags, and optical sensors.

Jason Smith

Professor of Photonic Materials and Devices
Prof. Jason Smith

Our research focuses on the optical and electronic properties of solid state nanostructures for applications such as optoelectronics devices, quantum information processing and photovoltaics.

Hannah Smithson

Associate Professor
Prof. Hannah Smithson

I use adaptive optics enabled ophthalmoscopes as a tool to investigate visual perception, aiming to answer such questions as "How do the neural circuits in human retina process colour information?".

Paul Stavrinou

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Paul Stavrinou

My research interests span the development of materials (organic and inorganic) for photonic applications and optoelectronic device components, i.e.