Chris Stevens

Associate Professor of Engineering Science
Dr. Chris Stevens

My research area is Ultrafast Electronics which is a rapidly developing field in which we explore the ultimate speed limits of electronics.

Claire Vallance

Professor of Physical Chemistry
Dr. Claire Vallance

We employ novel time-of-flight imaging methods to study photon-induced and electron-induced molecular fragmentation processes and to carry out chemically-resolved imaging of surfaces.

Boris Vojnovic

CR-UK Senior Group Leader
Prof. Boris Vojnovic

The optical research of the group has the aim of enabling our collaborators to perform effective research by offering advanced microscopy techniques in a form that can be used routinely.

Ian Walmsley FRS

Hooke Professor of Experimental Physics & Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Research)
Professor Ian Walmsley

My research concerns the application of ultrafast optics to study quantum phenomena in light and in matter, and at the interface between them.

Andrew Watt

Associate Professor
Dr Andrew Watt

My research focusses on taking energy materials research from the synthesis of new nanomaterials through to the fabrication, char

Ben Williams

Associate Professor of Engineering Science

My research group develops and applies linear and non-linear optical diagnostic techniques to solve problems in thermofluids including heat transfer, mixing and combustion.