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Photonics Committee

The Oxford Photonics Network is coordinated by the Photonics Committee, whose members are:

Prof. Martin Booth (Chairman of the Photonics Strategy Committee), Dept of Engineering Science and the Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour

Prof. Dominic O’Brien, Dept of Engineering Science

Dr Ian Dobbie,  Dept of Biochemistry

Dr. Stephen Morris (Chairman of the Photonics Network Committee), Dept of Engineering Science

Prof. Grant Ritchie,  Dept of Chemistry

Prof. Jason Smith,  Dept of Materials Science

Prof. Paul Stavrinou,  Dept of Engineering Science

Prof. Claire Vallance, Dept of Chemistry

Please get in touch with any committee member to find out more about photonics at Oxford. Alternatively, contact the Photonics Committee by email at:

Mailing list

In order to receive information from the Photonics Network, you can subscribe to the email list by sending an empty email to "photonics-seminars-subscribe <at>" .  If you need to remove yourself from the mailing list, please send an email to "photonics-seminars-unsubscribe <at>"

Further information

We are interested to hear about any news, links or seminars that you feel have a broad interest for photonics within the University and are equally happy to receive queries related to research. Also contact individual academics directly for questions specific to their particular research interests.