1st Oxford Photonics Day

The first Oxford Photonics Day was held on 18 April 2012 at the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford.  
The programme featured invited and submitted talks from across the Photonics Network.

Speakers and presentations

New photonic devices with nano-technology
Professor Jong Min Kim, Department of Engineering Science

Linear and Non-Linear Optical Methods for Multi-Species and Multi-Parameter Measurements in Gases
Professor Paul Ewart, Department of Physics

A Next-Generation Ultrafast Detector: the Pixel Imaging Mass Spectrometry (PImMS) Sensor
Jason Lee, Department of Chemistry

Adaptive Optics in Ultrafast Microfabrication
Dr Patrick Salter, Department of Engineering Science

Using Live Cell Imaging and Super Resolution Microscopy to Elucidate How The Body Plan is Established from The First Cell: The Oocyte
Professor Ilan Davis, Department of Biochemistry

Imaging the Nanoscopic World by Interferometric Scattering Detection
Jaime Ortega-Arroyo, Department of Chemistry

Delivery and Observation of Single DNA and Protein Molecules in Live Bacteria
Dr Robert Crawford, Department of Physics

Using an Adaptive Optics Scanning Laser Ophthalmoscope to Understand the Control of Human Eye Movements
Dr Laura Young,  Department of Experimental Psychology

How Low Can You Go? Quantum Enhanced Technologies Using Light
Professor Ian Walmsley, Department of Physics

Design, Construction, and Analysis of Arrayed, Tunable, Open Access Optical Microcavities
Phil Dolan, Department of Materials

Interfacing Matter and Light at The Single-Particle Level
Dustin Stuart and Annemarie Holleczek, Department of Physics

Photonic Crystal Cavities and Photonic Molecules
Professor Robert Taylor, Department of Physics