Oxford Photonics Day 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Oxford Photonics Day 2022 will take place on Wednesday 28th September in the Department of Engineering Science.


9:00 am - Registration and Coffee

9.25 am Session 1 (Chair: Prof. Jason Smith, Department of Materials)

9.25 am – Introduction by Prof. Stephen Morris (Chair of the Oxford Photonics Network)

9.30 am - Dr Abdallah Reza, Dept. of Engineering Science, University of Oxford ‘Laser-induced Transient Gratings for thermal and acoustic properties measurement’

9.55 am - Prof Stuart Mackenzie, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Oxford ‘Optical cavity approaches shedding light on the source of animal magnetoreception’

10.25 am Prof. Anna Peacock, Optoelectronics Research Centre, University of Southampton, ‘In-fibre Nonlinear Silicon Photonics’

10.55 am - Flash Talks Quantum Design UK and Ireland Ltd

11.00 am Coffee break and Exhibition

11.30 am Session 2 – (Chair: Prof. Claire Vallance, Department of Chemistry)

11.30 am – Dr Junesang Lee, Dept. of Materials, University of Oxford ‘Hybridized-Active-Dielectric (HAD) nanowires for polarization-selective memory’

11.55 am – Dr. Marco Klein Heerenbrink, Dept. of Biology, University of Oxford ‘Pushing the boundaries of motion capture: perching, pursuit and obstacle avoidance in birds’

12.20 pm – Prof. Dame Jane Jiang, Dept. of Engineering and Technology, University of Huddersfield ‘Precision metrology: from bulk optics towards metasurface optics

12.50 pm Flash Talks Amplitude Laser

1.00 pm Lunch break and Exhibition

2.00 pm Session 3 – (Chair: Prof. Martin Booth, Department of Engineering Science)

2.00 pm – Prof. Gail McConnell, Dept. of Physics, University of Strathclyde ‘Optical mesoscopy with the Mesolens’

2.30 pm – Dr Pascal Kaienburg, Dept. of Physics, University of Oxford 'Small molecules for next generation organic photovoltaics'

2.55 pm – Dr Mohan Wang, Dept. of Engineering Science, University of Oxford ‘Single-mode Sapphire Fibre Bragg Grating’

3.20 pm - Flash Talks Laser 2000

3.30 pm Coffee break and Exhibition

4.00 pm Session 4 – Poster Presentations

6 pm Close


to register for the event, which is free, please visit here

Sponsors & Exhibitors: 

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