2nd Oxford Photonics Day

Following the success of the first Photonics Day, the second such event took place on Tuesday 27 September 2012.
The programme consisted of invited talks and student contributed talks from across the Oxford Photonics Network.

Speakers and presentations

“Nonlinear Optical Dyes Based on Porphyrins for Bio-Medical Applications”
Prof. Harry Anderson, Chemistry, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Absolute Distance Measurements Using Frequency Scanning Lasers”
Dr John Dale, Physics, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Multi-species detection of combustion relevant gas mixtures using MUMAS, Multi-Mode Absorption Spectroscopy” 
Alexander Thompson, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Towards an integrated quantum memory with a hollow-core photonic-crystal fibre” 
Michael Sprague, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Switching behaviour in ultra-fast next-gen chiral flexoelectrooptic technologies”
Benjamin Outram, Engineering Science,  (Student talk - 15 mins)

"New approaches for high speed, high resolution cardiac imaging." 
Dr Gil Bub, Physiology, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Wireless communications using light”
Prof. Dominic O’Brien, Engineering Science,  (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Multi-photon quantum interference in integrated photonic devices for quantum-enhanced technologies”
Ben Metcalf, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Plasmonic polymer solar cells - using nanostructured electrodes to enhance light absorption” 
Matthew Wincott, Materials Science, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Kinetics of DNA repair mechanisms following damage by low LET ionising radiation”
Prof. Boris Vojnovic, Oncology, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Diode laser absorption spectroscopy - techniques and applications” 
Dr Grant Ritchie, Chemistry, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Technique for Circularly Polarized Coherent Soft X-Rays with High Harmonic Generation”,
Lewis Liu, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Neutron Detection Using PImMS, a Next-Generation Ultrafast Detector”,
Jason Lee, Chemistry,  (Student talk - 15 mins) 

“Characterisation of the transverse properties of high harmonic radiation using a variable separation pinhole pair”
David Lloyd, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Making intense sources of ultrafast soft x-rays using tabletop lasers" 
Dr Kevin O’Keefe, Physics, (Invited talk - 30 mins)

“Probing entanglement in continuous-variable quantum optics”
Tim Bartley, Physics, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Spatially variant aberration correction for high resolution microscopy” 
Richard Simmonds, Engineering Science, (Student talk - 15 mins)

“Space-time metrology and control of ultrafast light-bullets” 
Andrea Schiavi, Physics,  (Student talk - 15 mins)