4th Oxford Photonics Day

The fourth Photonics Day took place on Tuesday 8 October 2013 and included invited and contributed talks from the Oxford Photonics
Network. A special session on Exploitation and Impact of Photonics Research also featured in the programme.

Speakers and presentations

Invited Talk: "Tunable organic lasers" 
Dr Stephen Morris, Dept of Engineering Science
“Electron-Hole Diffusion Lengths Exceeding 1 Micron in an Organometal Trihalide Perovskite Absorber”

Dr Sam Stranks, Dept of Physics
“Introduction to the Oxford Photonics Website”

Photonics Committee
“OxOPS student society”

Laura Wright, Dept of Atomic and Laser Physics
Special session: "UK Photonics- industry strengths, future opportunities"

Dr John Lincoln, South of England Photonics Network (SEPNET)
Special session: "Fraunhofer UK and photonic innovation"

Simon Andrews, Fraunhofer Centre for Applied Photonics
Special session: "Impact Acceleration at Oxford"

Prof Tom Melham, Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences Division
Sponsored Talk: “Latest Advancements in Multiphoton Imaging”

Newport Spectra Physics
Invited Talk: "Squeezing light out of molecular nanorings"

Prof. Laura Herz, Dept of Condensed Matter Physics
Invited Talk: “Superresolution microscopy using structured illumination”

Dr Ian Dobbie, Dept Biochemistry
“Spatio-Temporal Transitions as a Function of Development and Extracellular Cues”

Dr Rebecca Burton, Dept of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics
Invited Talk: "Colloidal Quantum Dot Devices"

Dr Andrew Watt, Dept of Materials Science
“New Fast and Efficient Scintillators for Charged Particle Detection”

Dr Simon-John King, Dept of Chemistry