7th Oxford Photonics Day

The seventh event in this series of Photonics Days took place on Monday 20 April 2015. The programme included invited talks from within the network and from other Universities, in addition to an industrial exhibition and a student poster session and competition.

Speakers and presentations

‘Colour centres in diamond coupled to open microcavities – a route to scalable quantum processors'
Professor Jason Smith, Department of Materials, University of Oxford
'High-throughput optical sensing of nucleic acids in a nanopore array’

Professor Mark Wallace, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford
‘Quantum dots and recent trends in their application to photonics’

Professor Jong Min Kim, Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford
‘Liquid Crystals at structured surfaces’

Professor Cliff Jones, School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Leeds
Exhibitor Presentations:
Justine Bentley, Laser Quantum -
‘Overview of Laser Quantum Products’
Angela Carslake, LOT-QuantumDesign Ltd - ‘The latest range of instrumentation from LOT-QuantumDesign’
Ashley Crane, Newport Spectra Physics, - ‘Updates from Spectra-Physics’
Nancy Buckley, SPIE, - ‘Spotlight on the SPIE Digital Library’
‘Plasmonic Stopped-Light Lasing: A Route to Cavity-Free Nanolasing’

Professor Ortwin Hess, Department of Physics, Imperial College
'Applications of high-harmonic generation to coherent diffraction imaging'

Professor Simon Hooker, Department of Physics, University of Oxford
‘Adaptive Optics in Vision Science: It’s not all about correcting images’

Professor Gordon Love, Department of Physics, University of Durham